I write classics. They may not be classic yet… but they will be!

Watch me write in real time (if it’s not doing anything, I’m not writing).

Excelsior (2013) (aka “The Life and Times of Buster Kwoonie”) (also available serialized) OOPS! No link yet! What a tease.

Short Stories
Destiny vs. the Dark (2010) For sale on Amazon, although you can listen to the audiobook for free on Bandcamp
“Heroes” and My Obsession with Terry Rosencrantz (2012, 2014) by Camden Caldwell, which I had something (?) to do with. Read for free where it was originally published, Zeitgeist, or buy on Amazon here
A Hard-Earned $20 (2013) Available on Amazon
I Kidnapped S.T. (2014) (“A Christmas story”) Also for sale on Amazon

The Art Pope (2017) by Luc Smekens Original title in Dutch: De Kunstpaus (2015)
Note: The English translation offered for sale by Luc is not my translation – although he endorsed it! My version isn’t available anywhere. It’s only on here to say “I did it”. 
Big Kids’ Fairytales
(2020) by Yevgeny Zamyatin Original title in Russian: Большим детям сказки (1922) Paperback available here or at the local Amazon of your choice
The Scourge of God (forthcoming, but who knows when!) by Yevgeny Zamyatin Original title in Russian: Бич Божий (1935, published posthumously 1938) Read an excerpt
Attila: A Tragedy in Four Acts (2020) by Yevgeny Zamyatin Original title in Russian: Атилла (1928, published posthumously 1950). Also available in paperback.

The Pirate Princess (2019) – paraphrasing the Zev Silverman translation of Nachman of Breslov’s story “The King and the Emperor” (1816). Also for sale on Amazon

Poetry (oh no, not that!)
In the Meadow Where the Willow Weeps (2012)
King Kong (2020)

“Be Still, My Heart” (thoughts on a section of a poem by Kahlil Gibran) (2020)